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About us

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The Evolution of Reach Marketing | B2bSpecificList

The Evolution of Reach Marketing

Who are we ?

We are the leading company in business-accelerating data intelligence, data consulting, and data-driven services for industries and verticals with aggressive revenue targets. We make long-term business viability and growth a foregone conclusion.

B2bSpecificList has created ground-breaking data solutioning, IT integration, and data-driven marketing processes for some of the world's most successful companies.

Find and Target the Right Accounts

Why B2bSpecificList?
  • Data coverage includes 50M+ B2B contacts and 32M+ decision-makers.
  • 44M+ Business Emails, Direct-dial Contact Database
  • We provide Data to over 100+ countries.
  • Our team of 200+ Data Scientists experts ensures that every record is genuine.
  • Before being delivered, the data is double-checked. This procedure would take at least 2 to 5 days to complete.
Find and Target the Right Accounts | B2bSpecificList

Our Process

Our Business model is specifically designed to consistently add value to their operational productivity while also aligning their overall marketing and sales goals to maximise profitability.

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Compile real-time database

Our data experts compile real-time data from credible online and offline sources based on your specifications.

Customize and deliver data

The updated, verified and validated data is then segmented and tailored to your specifications.

Al and manual verification

We conduct automated analysis and manual quality checks on sourced data, in addition to AI, to ensure that it is 100% accurate.

Post - sales support

Our expert customer service representatives are available 24/7 to assist clients and resolve any issues.

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How frequently do you update your Database?

We update our Database for every 30-40 days and also it will be re-verified before delivery to match the accuracy level.

Will you replace the contacts if there are any hard bounces?

Yes. We will replace the contacts if there is any hard bounce above 10% without any additional Cost.

Can i customize the information based on my needs?

We guarantee that the database we provide is not only precise, dependable, and responsive in personalised campaigns.

How are you gathering Database?

Our experts collect information for our database from a variety of reliable sources. It includes information gathered from online, offline, government, and non-government sources.

Do you have a support team?

Yes. You will be assigned to a dedicated account manager who will take care of your list as well as your queries.